WEDO team presented the collective art project GIVING, based on an idea of Panagiotis Siagris and Athanasios Bathas, organized and curated by Maira Stefou and with the participation of 218 artists.
The project was presented as a parallel event of the Platforms Project, at the Former Libary of the Athens School of Fine Arts, Piraeus 256, 17-20 May, 2018.

CONSEPT: The universe is a unified unit consisting of the same material, governed by common rules and communicating energetically and dynamically. The lack of awareness of this treaty by man has led him to social individualism and psychic isolation. The philosophy of “I” instead of “we” invalidates the possibility of individual happiness that can only be achieved through the happiness of the whole of which the individual is an integral part. In an effort to comment on the above, we artists-individuals are united in a group, creating a collective unified work that we offer to the public, as a deposit of time (10 days) and as a product of this deposit, wanting to symbolically contribute in the union of the whole, reacting to the social and cultural collapse, catalyzing the classical elitist relationship between the artist and spectator and abolishing the restrictive economic transaction. Coexistence and co creation implies an action with artistic diversity and with the integration of identity as a difference (personal, style, name-anonymity, age) in a context of a shared aim, elements that are not common practice in group art events.

PROJECT: Each artist participated with 10 artworks 25cm x 25cm that were attached to 25cm x 25cm styrofoam cubes, forming a single installation. Each cube included works of different artists. The whole installation was presented on 17/5/2018 and on 18/5/2018 the cubes were offered to the public. The offering process was filmed and on 19-20/5/2018 the edited video was presented on a video projector, together with all shooted artworks. They were also maps with all the destination points .

During the project’s exhibition a sum of money was offered from those who received boxes and from the public, which was given to the Center for the Training and Rehabilitation of the Blind.

We thank the galleries: Alma, Artshot, ArtPrisma, Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti, Technohoros, as well as: Artemis Potamianou, Giorgos Taxiarchopoulos, George Kazazis, Evi Athanasiou, Christos Katsinis, Panos Kollias, Vasilis Bakalis, Sotiris Batzianas, Stratos Sterianos, Gianna Alexopoulou, Zanna Artemi, Olymbia Bouchlariotou, Valbona Cakakou, Mania Adamopoulou, Dorita Pibli, Athina Kanellopoulou, Rapanaki Eleftheria, Keti Tsavari, Intzes Athanasios, Anna Samara, Eleni Zouba, and all the volunteers for their valuable help.


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