“HOME-LESS” project by “WEDO” team, participation in “PLATFORMS PROJECTS” October 2022
Athens school of fine arts, “Kessanlis” exhibitions space
Concept, curating:  Maira Stefou

Concepts identified with “Home” (residence, birthplace, asylum), such as security,, protection, care, comfort, pleasure, creation, cleanliness, tenderness, rest, taken for granted mainly in the western world, they can suddenly and violently disappear.

The painful memory of the intimacy these concepts evoke, the nostalgia after loss, are symbolically expressed through the artists’ works in the “home-less” installation.
The works, timeless, in a now uncanny environment attempt to to recreate feelings of experience, to intdicate uses identified with the individual spaces/rooms of the house, to describe familiar objects/symbols.

For Immanuel Kant, it is not the properties of objects so much, as the subjective ability to feel, which determines the nature of the pleasant or unpleasant reactions.