Go Figure

Peculiar creatures, unknown life forms, minimal shapes, trying to fit in frames

The wall

Documentation of the history of Berlin wall, based on photos of historical events, and of photos of parts of the graffiti on it.A period of great historical/political/social importance.The wall always present in human relationships but also in human evolution.


  WEDO team presented the collective art project GIVING, based on an idea of Panagiotis Siagris and Athanasios Bathas, organized and curated by Maira Stefou and with the participation of 218 artists.The project was presented as a parallel event of the Platforms Project, at the Former Libary of the Athens School of Fine Arts, Piraeus […]


“HOME-LESS” project by “WEDO” team, participation in “PLATFORMS PROJECTS” October 2022Athens school of fine arts, “Kessanlis” exhibitions spaceConcept, curating:  Maira Stefou Concepts identified with “Home” (residence, birthplace, asylum), such as security,, protection, care, comfort, pleasure, creation, cleanliness, tenderness, rest, taken for granted mainly in the western world, they can suddenly and violently disappear. The painful […]

WEDO-Make a wish

Concept-Curating: Maira Stefou The visitors were talking a post-it from these that covered artworks, wrote a wish and stick it on the earth’s panel. Finally the artworks were revealed and earth was covered by the -mostly personal- human wishes.The self-centered and not collective worldview, the lack of personal/social consciousness, the disinterest, and the practices based […]


Invisible Governments

What happens when conspiracy theories stop being marginal and become hegemonic social reasoning/common opinion? Explanations become more difficult when one stops understanding the conspiratorial attitude as pure lack of rationality and detects the wide range of existential questions raised by it. The projects presented in the exhibition highlight various aspects of the conspiratorial spectrum: Urban […]

Deffered Action

The artwork “When you make a revolution, the bohemian ends”, was presented in the “Deffered Action: Adaptations of Artistic Radicalism” group exhibition, curated (and organized as a previous workshop) by Kostis Stafylakis, in the “Contemporary Greek Art Institute” (ISET).

Color spaces

Non figurative figuresChaotic fragmentsAddition not subtractionFearless play